Lillah Donation

Since its establishment, the role of Al-Huda Academy is to equip the students not just with knowledge but to combine the concern for reformation with ‘Amal (practise). The service rendered to date and the success of the Academy is nothing but due to the fadhl of the Almighty.


To facilitate the expansion of its activities, Al-Huda Academy has purchased the former Lilian Hamer Residential Home (Deane Road, Bolton, BL3 5NR). Alhumdulillah, the property comprises of over 50 rooms; including bedrooms, a dining hall and several lounge rooms.

We are making an appeal to brothers and sisters to join us in this noble cause and come forward with generous Lillah donations.

Our request is that you open your hearts and share in the rewards of this appeal and the wider activities of the Academy.

Donate Generously & Share in the Rewards of the Academy’s Activities

You may make a bank transfer to the following account:

Beneficiary: Al-Huda Academy
Bank Sort Code: 30-91-01
Account Number: 02143336
Bank: Lloyds TSB, Hotel St Bolton (309101) Branch, Lancashire

For Lillah donations reference as: (Your name) Lillah

You may make regular donations to Al-Huda Academy by setting up a standing order through your bank using our bank details below:

Beneficiary: Al-Huda Academy
Bank Sort Code: 30-91-01
Account Number: 02143336
Bank: Lloyds TSB, Hotel St Bolton (309101) Branch, Lancashire

Alternatively, you may print our standing order form and send it to us:

Al-Huda Academy (Former Lilian Hamer House),
Deane Road,
BL3 5NR,
United Kingdom

Any brothers or sisters who can come forward and loan us any amount from their savings may do so by contacting us on:

Tel: 01204 656100

We have a strict policy where we will return a loan/qarz back with only 30 days of notice from the creditor.

Make a secure online through PayPal or Total Giving by clicking on the logos below: