Al Huda Academy – Centre for Excellence Boarding School

Al Huda Academy as a boarding school exists to provide Islamic education and nurture the next generation by supporting students with an established traditional education system that has existed for centuries. Al Huda Academy aims to maintain exceptional standards of the Alimiyyah syllabus, making provisions within a conducive environment, thus facilitating towards an internationally recognised isnad (authorisation of transmission) and qualification.

Al Huda Academy’s primary duty and goal are to produce outstanding Ulama of the future who are well-grounded on virtuous and moral principles.


Al Huda Academy, not only firmly believes, rather has witnessed first hand from the faculty, that the best course to excel in studies coupled with achieving exceptional tarbiyah (nurturing) is when a student boards at an Islamic institution.

To stay and board within the environment of a Darul Uloom (house of knowledge) is likened to that of a protective coating; protection, especially for our students who are easily susceptible to challenges to their Imaan (faith), moral values and virtues. It serves as a safe haven from distractions and negative influences.

Residing in boarding for one’s studies bears a similitude to that of when the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) had a group of companions who would reside in al Masjid al Nabwi. Their sole purpose, to engage in teaching and learning.

The help of Allah azza’wajjal is with a group of people sharing the same focus. Thus under the guidance of the faculty, students sharing the same vision and objective, improve their Islamic education and spiritual well-being, drawing on that help which Allah azza’wajjal has promised.

Support, guidance and nurturing within the boarding environment produced some of the most outstanding scholars of the 20th century, impacting countless lives. Thus staying within a religious environment for a prolonged period of time displays positively in the form of achievements both academically and spiritually.


Al Huda Academy wants every student to experience an environment similar to that at home.

Majority of the young boarders have their own single bedroom with a washbasin, wardrobes & drawers with access to clean bathrooms or washing facilities that are regularly maintained for hygiene and cleanliness.

Comfortable communal areas where students can relax including a gym for fitness is provided.

Local residential cooks provide fresh meals aiming to give students the experience of home-cooked meals.

Parents entrust their children to the institution and its teachers, desirous for them to achieve exceptional manners, conduct and moral values.

As mentioned, Al Huda Academy considers it a matter of duty and service to produce the next generation of scholars and outstanding citizens as an asset for the wider society and communities. This is something Al Huda Academy believes can be achieved with its continuous strive of round the clock care and attention within a religiously enlightened and pure environment.

The excellent facilities help make living and learning a great experience and students will be stimulated to improve their education while they board and study.

Parents of current students find satisfaction, peace and contentment knowing that their child who is easily susceptible to external influences is provided with tender-loving care.


The contribution and work of the faculty of Al Huda Academy span across children, teenagers, young adults, and parents across many Masaajid, reception and primary schools. These daily interactions with young people and parents allow witnessing first-hand the challenges faced by young Muslims in modern-day British society.

These challenges only strengthen the need for the new generation of young people to safeguard their Imaan (faith) and moral values through Islamic education and nurturing in boarded facilities where due care and attention is provided around the clock.

Compare the contrast of a young person waking up for Tahajuud (night prayer) and lowering their forehead to the ground in the worship of the Creator, understanding the language of the Qu’ran (Arabic) then lifting their hands in Du’a (prayer) for their parents and the wider Ummah (Muslim community) and all of humanity, to that of a young person who is not.

Not only are such activities encouraged, but are easily practised, because of the conducive environment of boarding provided.

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