Drugs 2


Since there is glaring evidence all over of the damage that drug taking has done to people both physically and spiritually as well as the adverse and detrimental effects it has on society, I do not wish to emphasise and elaborate on its harms. However,   I do request you to take heed and ponder over the following points:


People, everywhere, are found to be spending millions in order to buy health. We have not found anyone spending money to buy ill health. Millions are spent on health foods, propel diets, exercise equipment and the like to get good health. Not only do people exert themselves physically for good health but, they freely spend their money as well to achieve this. Therefore, consider whether you are buying health or ill health when spending money on drugs. Be it cocaine, crack, heroin or marijuana, ill health is being purchased sometimes at an astronomical cost. Is it not foolish to spend money to buy sickness, disease and ill health? Then consider how ironic it is that the consequences of such expenditure are that you cannot think straight and you indulge in deeds or actions you would never otherwise think of doing in your right frame of mind.


Then again, consider the many people who are spending fortunes at the doors of courts to buy their respect, which they deem they lost in the form of defamation of character. Such people will be proud and happy when judgment is given in their favour and it is found that indeed they had been defamed, their good character had been tarnished and a bad image had thus been created. Thus, when a person successfully takes legal action for defamation of character, he has rewarded a sum of money – the value and worth of his name and character!  All this trouble for what? For getting his respect and dignity back. If it was due to a newspaper article, then he requests a written apology as well. People spend hundreds of thousands on lavish weddings, birthdays, engagement functions, etc. Presidents spend millions of taxpayers’ money on inauguration celebration. All this for what? Name, respect and honour. So, whether justified or not, money is spent to  ‘buy’ respect and honour.


What does a drug addict do? He spends his money buying disrespect, distrust, shame, humiliation and disgrace. Who respects a drug addict? Who would like to give his daughter in marriage to a drug addict? How many marriages have ended and how many relationships and friendships have been severed due to this addiction? As a result of drug addiction, you are not trusted at home… your father hides his cash and your mother hides her jewellery due to the fear that their son would stoop to any level to maintain his drug addiction. Neither are you trusted in the business you work for… your employer will be wary and perpetually on guard due to the same fear. Is this a respectable life? If on the other hand you seek employment and your habit is known, then you get a straightforward ‘No’ as an answer.


What of the trauma that young and innocent children have to experience and endure, having to contend with a father who has a very, very shameful habit? What of the negative effect this evil addiction has on the education and upbringing of those children? What if they follow suit – take to the same habit and lead the same miserable, unhappy life? What of the stigma that you carry for the rest of your life? …These are the returns on money squandered in supporting a thriving drug market. A friend is one who is concerned about a friend’s welfare and health. An enemy desires the destruction of a per- son’s life, health, wealth and respect. So can the ‘friend’ who encourages you or offers you drugs be called a friend? Nay,  he is your enemy. He is encouraging you to destroy your happiness, your marriage, your family, your respect… your life.


Whenever you buy drugs, stop. Look at it carefully. Think. Contemplate. Ponder. Reflect: ‘If this goes into my system, then what?… Then the consequences that follow will be harmful, injurious and detrimental to my health; that same health which is a priceless gift, blessing and bounty of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and for which I will be accountable on the Day of Judgement.


What will be my reply when Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى will say: ‘We granted you sound and healthy limbs… hands, feet, eyes, ears, nose, etc. What have you done to express your gratitude for all these gifts?’ And what will be my reply when questioned as to how I spent the wealth given to me by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Added to this, this drug is most damaging to my respect and dignity in society. I will be denounced and condemned by society because I am another problem for them.’


After having pondered in this manner, throw it into the toilet and flush it away before it flushes more of your health,  wealth and respects away. Insha’allah, by doing this once or twice, a change of company and by the attendance of deeni programmes your habit will be flushed away. Finally, say to the friend who is encouraging you to take drugs: ‘If you are my friend, then you would not help in the destruction of my body and soul. By offering me drugs, you are increasing my dependence on something most ruinous to my health and respect. Your ‘moral support’ is bringing more poison into my system. The friendship you thus express and project are in reality one of enmity.  Since such friendship is no friendship… farewell.’