Are You 16+ looking for a new career?

look towards the exciting path of becoming an Alim (scholar)

Join one of UK’s Leading Islamic Institutes of Higher Islamic Education. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of education. We ensure the learning process and growth of each child is well-rounded, academically, morally, spiritually, athletically and creatively.

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What we offer

16+ boys boarding full-time Islamic Theology (Alim Course)
16+ boys boarding full-time Hifz (Memorisation of the Qu’ran)
Saba’a Qira’at (Tajweed & Qira’ah specialisation in the seven recitation’s)
Evening Hifz classes & Nazarah/Prep Hifz class
  • Career
  • Well Being
  • Nurturing
  • Immaculate Facilities
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Growth Mindset
  • Creating Luminaries
  • Life Skills
  • Personal Development
Providing a High Standard of Education

Al Huda Academy prides itself on its delivery of high standard education.

Supportive Boarding Environment

Our supportive boarding environment allows for students to develop.

Exceptional Outcomes and Achievements

Our good balance of academia really prepares pupils for life beyond Darul Uloom.

Situated in Bolton, Lancashire

Al Huda Academy is a wonderful place of learning in a beautiful setting in the area of Bolton.

To learn more, get in touch

(Mawlana) Safwan Sahib 07702 719 891

(Qari) Muhammed Sahib 07547 210 864