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Support Us

After thanking Allah swt, we wholeheartedly extend our sincere gratitude to all those brothers and sisters who have supported or continue to support the Academy either practically, spiritually, morally or financially.

The Academy is a registered charity relying solely on Lillah donations from the public in order to fund all its activities.

In order to become part of this lofty and noble cause and earn continual reward in the hereafter, you can help by;

  1. Remembering the Academy (and all its activities) in your sincere dua’s.
  2. Utilising the services of the Academy and taking part in its programmes.
  3. Referring those who may benefit from the services and activites of the Academy.
  4. Contributing Lillah donations.

For more information on how to;

  • Enrol on our full-time or part-time Academy courses within the Darul Uloom or Madrasah
  • Contribute financially via Lillah or Qarz donations

Please contact the Academy.